3pm, SGT

March 26, 2021

Online Webinar




Associate Professor Tien Sim Leng

Senior Consultant Haematologist
Department of Haematology
Director, Haemophilia Centre
Singapore General Hospital



Objectives of Lecture

-Learn about different causes of platelet disorders

-Understand the mechanism of anti-platelet agents

-Understand the principle of various platelet function testing systems

-Describe the clinical management of platelet dysfunctions


Abstract of Lecture

Platelet disorder in cardiovascular diseases may be quantitative (decreased or increased in circulating platelets) or qualitative (defect in platelet function) or combination of both. Qualitative defect is predominately related to anti-platelet therapy. This webinar will discuss the mechanism of several anti-platelet agents. Several systems such as light transmittance platelet aggregometry (LTA), PFA-100/200, VerifyNow and Multiplate Analyser are now available to assess qualitative defects in platelet function. This webinar will also review the principles of these testing platforms. Two case studies will be presented to demonstrate the need to rule out pseudothrombocytopenia and to understand platelet bridging for urgent surgery.

We hope you have enjoyed the webinar and gained new insights!

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