Dengue score: a proposed diagnostic predictor for pleural effusion and/or ascites in adults with dengue infection

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a novel diagnostic tool designed to predict the presence of pleural effusion and/or ascites in adults suffering from dengue infection. By analyzing clinical and laboratory data, the Dengue Score aims to enhance early detection and management of these serious complications, potentially improving patient outcomes in dengue-endemic regions.

Performance of the Dengue Score

The performance of the dengue score in predicting pleural effusion and/or ascites. It includes tables and graphs to illustrate the sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value, and negative predictive value of the proposed score. This section also provides a comparative analysis with existing diagnostic methods.

Implications and Future Research Directions

The discussion emphasizes the potential benefits of the dengue score in early identification of patients at risk for severe complications, which could lead to improved patient outcomes through timely and appropriate interventions. The limitations of the study are also addressed, such as potential biases and the need for larger, more diverse sample sizes. Additionally, this section outlines areas for future research, including further validation studies and potential modifications to enhance the score’s predictive accuracy.