The UF-5000, based on Sysmex’s globally renowned fluorescence flow cytometry (FFC), represents the latest in urinalysis technology. It can be used as a standalone analyzer, or as part of the modular UN-Series for a truly walkaway, seamless urinalysis workplace solution from sample loading to the final digital image.

  • Easy-to-use U-WAM software offers an extensive database for storage of data and images up to 100,000 entries
  • Sample analysis in less than one minute
    UF-4000: 80 samples per hour
    UF-5000: 105 samples per hour
  • Helps decrease bacterial antibiotic resistance and culture workload with quantitative and highly sensitive bacteria count
  • RBC morphology information – a useful parameter for diagnosis of renal disease
  • Effortlessly switch from urine to body fluid mode. This on board mode analyzes up to 20 samples per hour
  • Standalone or integrated with chemistry UC-3500 analyzer and UD-10 urine particle digital imaging device as a true walkaway analyzer

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