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Sysmex Corporation (HQ: Kobe, Japan; Chairman and CEO: Hisashi Ietsugu) offers a new network solution, Caresphere,™ to provide new value through the intelligent use of information by people involved in testing and healthcare, with a view to accelerating the future use of information in healthcare. Caresphere™ creates an environment for linking and analyzing a variety of information from testing instruments and laboratory information systems1 in real time, seamlessly and safely in one platform. Through Caresphere,™ Sysmex will support the resolution from a new dimension of issues faced by customers around the world.

Sysmex offers Caresphere,™ a new network solution that supports the efforts of people involved in testing and healthcare, such as increasing levels of operating efficiency, quality, and patient satisfaction.

Caresphere™ utilizes the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Cloud to link and analyze a variety of information in real time, such as that from testing instruments and laboratory information systems. In addition, Caresphere™ provides a standardized global platform that is seamless and safe. This platform facilitates the centralized management of information to reinforce efficient operations and quality control in hospitals and commercial laboratories. This solution helps resolve the issues customers face through the provision of various applications and services, flexibly extracting information and making it visible to meet diverse objectives and needs.

In 1999, Sysmex took the lead over its competitors in introducing the SNCS™2 network service, which supports stable instrument operation through automated monitoring and quality control3 of testing instruments in hospitals. In 2011, we added a failure prediction function based on real-time analysis and expanded other services to enable customers to perform testing with confidence. Such efforts have received positive reviews from customers around the world.

In recent years, against a backdrop of worldwide informatization, hospitals and other healthcare institutions around the world have been accelerating efforts toward higher levels of efficiency and quality through the use of information, as well as for the creation of new services to meet diverse patient needs.

Initially, Caresphere™ will provide applications and services to achieve further efficiencies in hospital testing and laboratory operations, as well as supporting the quality control of testing instruments and operations. In the future, we intend to expand the platform, developing applications and services for regional healthcare facilities and the broad range of healthcare professionals involved with them.

We also plan to create an environment that will link Caresphere™ to existing services such as SNCS,™ which Sysmex provides in regions around the world, as well as to the testing instruments we offer in the future.

Going forward, we aim to continue improving and expanding functions in response to changes in the environments faced by a variety of stakeholders in testing and healthcare, offering solutions that help improve productivity and quality in clinical testing and healthcare as a whole.


  1. Laboratory Information System: Generic term for a system used for general handling of test information by hospitals and other medical institutions. Such a system supports the flow of test information, from reception through to reporting results and data management.
  2. SNCS™ (Sysmex Network Communication Systems): An online support service that connects to the Sysmex Customer Support Center and customers’ instruments via the Internet to provide real-time external quality control and scientific information, and monitoring of instrument conditions. The content of support services varies by region. A separate (paid) agreement is required to use this service.
  3. Quality control: A management method used to guarantee the values measured by testing equipment and to confirm that a customer’s equipment is functioning correctly.

*Information contained in the press release is current as of the date of the announcement, but may be subject to change without prior notice.


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