News Release

PT Sysmex Indonesia introduced the new XN-Series Hematology Analyzers to the Indonesian market during the PBPK (an annual event of Continuing Medical Education in Clinical Pathology initiated by Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia since 2002).

The new Sysmex XN series hematology analyzer is designed to enhance clinical value. In addition to providing a body fluid measurement mode, the model substantially increases measurement accuracy for low platelet counts.

Embracing the modular concept and scalable system design, this series allows the combination of multiple analyzers, transport system, smear preparation system and other instruments. This flexibility enables the proposal of tailored solutions to meet individual customer needs where it enables customer access to a full menu across customer segments from small to large workloads.

Sysmex has incorporated the concept of Silent Design® into our product portfolio – a “fusion of product design and technology” developed with the users and their workplace in mind to optimizes workflow and productivity.

The new XN-Series is designed for a long product life, and with a consistent user interface in all models. By leveraging on its strengths to deliver additional value, Sysmex aim to secure its position as the undisputed global leader in hematology.


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