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The OSNA™ BC System provides accurate intra-operative result for the detection of breast cancer metastasis in sentinel lymph node(s). The OSNA™ BC system has now been successfully marketed across Europe and Asia, adopted by 220 hospitals and has been reported in 17 publications since 2007. This highly sensitive and specific molecular-based system is helping to improve patient outcomes and reduce key hospital metrics for this prevalent disease.

With the intent to have a holistic approach to serve our customers better, Sysmex has appointed Integrated Sciences Pty Ltd to be our Distributor for the OSNA™ BC system in Australia.

With Integrated Sciences, Sysmex has found an ideal partner to launch its Life Science business in Australia, initially focussing on OSNA ™ for detection of Lymph Node Metastasis in breast cancer. A proven track record in distribution of In-Vitro Diagnostic solutions and a highly competent team for molecular diagnostics at Integrated Sciences will ensure a swift introduction of our exciting new technology into the Australian Healthcare System. Sysmex is pleased to announce this collaboration and we are fully confident in the excellent quality of service that Integrated Sciences will deliver to our customers. said Mr. Frank Buescher, President and CEO of Sysmex Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.

Sysmex have created a new diagnostic dimension with the OSNA™ molecular diagnostic assay for lymph node metastases in early stage breast cancer, as it can provide results whilst patients are still in surgery said Michael Gaynor, Director of Integrated Sciences.

“As modern medicine continues its rapid evolution, partnering with companies such as Sysmex supports our commitment to leverage new and innovative laboratory testing solutions for the Australian healthcare marketplace.”

About Sysmex Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.

Sysmex Asia Pacific Pte Ltd., is the Asia Pacific headquarters of Sysmex Corporation (Kobe, Japan). Sysmex delivers total solutions in the field of clinical laboratory testing, including hematology and urinalysis. In the core field of hematology, Sysmex is the global market leader, occupying the number-one share of the worldwide market. Sysmex is also the number-one supplier of coagulation instrumentation worldwide. Proven benefits to laboratories, hospitals and healthcare providers include improved patient clinical services and efficiency advances leading to cost savings, ultimately translating to the delivery of better patient care. Located at the centre of regional market operations, Singapore is the Sysmex headquarters of the Asia Pacific region.

About Integrated Sciences

Integrated Sciences, established in 1983, is an Australian owned company which supplies both the Australian Diagnostics and Life Science markets. The company ethos of “Our strategy is support” means exactly that. Integrated Sciences offers leading international quality products with the highest levels of technical support, service and performance. Integrated Sciences has offices in the major cities of Australia.

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